The ZipCodeGen Generator generates a list of real zip codes for either all of U.S. States or a specific U.S. State. 


The following parameters may be configured for the ZipCodeGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • allStates* - If true, zip codes from all states will be selected. If false the stateAbbreviation parameter is expected to have a valid U.S. state abbreviation and the zip code from the given state will be listed. 

  • stateAbbreviation - Defines valid U.S. state abbreviation from which all zip codes will be listed. 

  • sortOrder* - Options: ascending, descending, and random.

  • seed - Defines an optional seed for randomization. 

  • waitAmount* - Defines the number of iterations the Generator should wait before moving to the next value in the list.

Sample Output