A Project Version represents a unique version of a GenRocket Project. When a Project is created, it automatically creates an initial Project Version with a version number of 1.0. A Project may contain many Project Versions. Each Project Version contains its own Domains, Scenarios, Receivers, and configurations for test data generation. 

A new Project Version is normally created when the release of a Product, that the Domains and Scenarios of a Project Version are meant to test, is released to the production environment and the next version of the Product needs to be tested. 

A new Project will automatically have a default Project Version. Additional Project Versions can be created within a given Project.

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When should Project Versions be used? 

  • Project Versions should be created when a version of the application is released to production, and the next version needs to be tested. 

How do I use Project Versions?

A Project Version can be a copy of the Project or be a version with its own unique data model. To use Project Versions, complete these steps: 

  1. Select the Project within the Project Dashboard. 
  2. Click on the Manage button in the Project Versions pane. 
  3. Choose New Version or Copy Version from the menu. 

How to Select and View Project Versions for a Project

  • Project Versions are managed in the Project Versions Pane within the Project Dashboard
  • The currently selected version number will appear to the right of the Project Name. 
  • Click on a version number to select and view a specific Project Version.

Two Ways to Create a Project Version

  • New Version - Does not contain what has been configured within the previous version. Instead, it acts as a blank slate, which can be used to configure the Project differently while maintaining any other versions and their configurations for the Project. For more information, please see this article: How to Create a new Project Version.

  • Project Version Copy - Users can quickly replicate everything in an existing GenRocket Project. This makes it easy to create different versions of your Project to exactly match the different versions of your software. The same project can be copied every 24 hours; this is to limit the risk of users copying the same project at the same time. For more information, see How to Copy a Whole Project Version within a Project.

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