Top 3 New Features for March:

  1. Global Attributes
  2. Project Categories
  3. GMUS Email Notification for Offline Certificate Expiration

Global Attributes

A Global Attribute is an Attribute that is defined at the Organisation Level and can be referenced at the Domain Level, Scenario Level, TestDataCase Level, and Organisation Level. 

This enables the GenRocket users to use Global Attributes, which can be referenced instead of creating new Attributes for the commonly used ones within an organisation. Read this article to learn how to use Global Attributes.

Project Categories

The Project Categories feature has been added to help companies effectively organize and maintain Projects within the GenRocket web platform. 

This feature provides the ability to create a folder structure for project grouping or classification within the Project Dashboard using dot notation. Project Categories can be used to group or classify projects by location, department, division, etc.

Note: Visit this Knowledge Base Article to learn how to setup Project Categories in your Organisation.

GMUS Email notification for offline certificate expiration

GenRocket Multi User Servers can be setup in secured networks which does not have any internet access. To ensure security GMUS server, we need to have a valid offline certificate. 

We have added a new feature, which will notify System Administrators and GenRocket Organisation admins to notify the Certificate expiration in advance, to have an uninterrupted availability of GMUS Servers.

Note: To learn how to use Offline Certificate in GMUS click here.