One or more Test Data Rule Suites (or G-Rule Suites) can be added to an individual Case to apply the defined rules during test data generation. The Rule Suite will need to be configured before this can be done. 

Rules can be added to and removed from a Test Data Case as needed. An option for copying Rule Suites to another Test Data Case within the same suite is also provided. 

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When should Rules be Added to a Case? 

  • Any time the generated test data should adhere to specific business logic for a particular Test Data Case.

How to Add Rule Suites to a Case

  • Select a Project within the Project Dashboard.

  • Select G-Cases within the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the appropriate Project Version.

  • Select a Case Suite, Category, and Case.

  • Select the G-Rule Set tab and then click Add G-Rule.

  • Tick the checkbox for one or more Rule Suites. 
  • Click Add once finished. 

  • The Rule Suite will appear to the left, and each rule within the suite will appear to the right. 

    Note: The Rule Suite does not need to be downloaded to generate test data when added to a case. 

How to Remove Rule Suites from a Case

  • Tick the checkbox for each Rule Suite that should be removed.

  • Click the Delete G-Rules button.

  • Click Yes to remove the selected Rule Suites.

How to Copy Rule Suites to Other Cases in a Suite

Rule Suites can be copied to other Test Data Cases within the same suite. This can be helpful when one or more Rule Suites must be added to more than one case in a suite.

  • Tick the checkbox for each Rule Suite in the G-Case Rule Set tab.

  • Click Copy G-Rule once finished.

  • Enter a Case Name and select the appropriate case. Repeat this step for more than one case.

  • Click Copy once finished.

  • The Rule Suite(s) will now appear on the G-Rule Set tab for the selected Cases.