The KafkaIinsertReceiver sends the generated data to the Kafka Broker and upon receiving a response, stores the response payload to a file.


The following parameters can be defined for the KafkaInsertReceiver. Items with an asterisk (*) are required: 

  • configPath* - Defines the location of the configuration file. 
  • configSubDir - Defines the sub-directory within the config directory. 
  • configName* - Defines the name of the configuration file. 
  • topic* - Defines the topic of the message. 
  • messageType* - Defines what type of message do you want to send.
  • delimiter - Defines the delimiter if message type is CSV.
  • threadCount* - Defines the number of requests that may be sent simultaneously. 
  • responsePath - Defines the location where the response file will be saved. 
  • responseSubDir - Defines the sub-directory within the directory where the response file will be saved. 
  • responseFileName - Defines the name of the response file. 
  • partitions - Defines the partitions separated by comma.
  • partitionOrder - Defines the order to send data into partitions.

Receiver Attribute Property Keys

The Receiver defines four property keys that can be modified on any of its associated Domain Attributes:

  • include - Determines if the Attribute will be included in the output. 
  • columnName - Defines the name of the Element or Attribute that will be written in the XML output, depending on the exportStyle chosen.
  • useQuotes - Determines if a value should be quoted. Sometimes a numeric value should be quoted (e.g. SSN).
  • xmlType - Determines how the XML is formatted.