A Scenario Chain is run in the same way as a Scenario using the genrocket -r command. Each Scenario will be run in the order they have been placed within the Scenario Chain. 

If delays have been configured, then GenRocket Runtime will wait the defined number of seconds after the previous Scenario has been run before running the next Scenario in the chain.

How to run a Scenario Chain

  • Click the Download button to download your new Scenario Chain. 

     Note: Scenario Chains may also be downloaded from the Project Dashboard by clicking on the Download (Cloud) icon within the Scenario Chains Pane.

  • Open a Command Window or Terminal Session and make certain the directory matches the location of the downloaded Scenario Chain.

  • Enter the following command line. Replace <ScenarioChainName> with the name of your Scenario Chain.

    genrocket -r <ScenarioChainName>.grs

  • For this example, three Scenarios are run when the Scenario Chain is run in the Command Window or Terminal Session. GenRocket Runtime will wait 10 seconds after running the Department Scenario and then 10 seconds after running the UserScenario, as shown below: 

  • Three files are created: DepartmentScenario, UserScenario, and AddressScenario.