The Batch New Scenario option can be used to create a Quick Scenario for multiple Domains at the same time. A separate Scenario will be created for each selected Domain when using this option. 

This option can be accessed through the Scenarios Pane within the Project Dashboard

How to use Batch New Scenario

Step 1: Expand the Batch Operation drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select the Batch New Scenarios option within the Scenarios Pane.

Step 3: Click on the Take Ownership button.

Step 4: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 5: Click on Select Domains.

Step 6: Select a Search Criteria option, enter a Keyword, and click Filter to view Domains matching the criteria: 

  • All - View all Domains.
  • Exact Match - Domain name must match the entered keyword precisely. 
  • Begins With - Domain name must begin with the entered keyword.
  • Ends With - Domain name must end with the entered keyword.
  • Contains - Domain name must contain the entered keyword. 
  • Regex - Domain name must meet the defined regex criteria. Hover over the Regex option to view this criteria.

For this example, All will be chosen.

Step 7: The filtered set of Domains will appear below the Search Criteria. Use the checkboxes to select individual Domains or use the Select All option to select all Domains.

If a Domain already has a Scenario, it will have a checkmark in the second column.

If a Domain Scenario is locked, it will have a checkmark in the third column.

Step 8: Click on Execute Changes.

Step 9: Click on the Start Execution button.

Step 10: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 11: Click on the Home icon.

Step 12: Click on Click to Confirm & Validate the Execution Changes.

Step 13: Click Yes to confirm.

Step 14: Click on Project Dashboard within the Menu Bar.