The Batch Quick Scenario option can be used to create a Quick Scenario for multiple Domains at the same time. A separate Scenario will be created for each selected Domain when using this option. This option can be accessed through the Scenarios Pane within the Project Dashboard. 

How to use Batch Quick Scenario

  • Click on the New Scenario menu within the Scenarios Pane.

  • Select the Batch Quick Scenario option within the menu.

  • In the dialog window, select each Domain you would like to create a Quick Scenario for. 

  • Click on an individual Domain in the Available List to select it.

  • Press the CTRL or CMD key on the keyboard and click on each Domain to select multiple Domains.

  • Next, click the Right Arrow to add the Domain(s) to the Chosen List.

    Note: To remove a Domain from the Chosen List, select the Domain and then click on the Left Arrow

  • Click the Create button once all Domains have been added to the Chosen List.

  • Click the Create button again to finish.

  • The created Scenarios will appear within the Scenarios Pane, as shown below: 

    Note: To learn how to create a Quick Scenario for an individual Domain through the Domain Dashboard, please see this article: 
    How do I use Quick Scenario?.