Some tools can generate fingerprints, faces, or other images based on data. GenRocket can interface with those tools and feed them with data; however, those tools have to be able to turn the data we deliver into the fingerprints, faces, or images. 

GenRocket Image and PDF Receivers

The following Receivers are available for generating Image and PDF formats:



Use Cases

ImageTemplateReceiverThis Receiver augments an original image with the Domain Attribute values configured by the user. 

Users can specify where data is placed on the image. 

The image can be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG.
Generate images with synthetically generated data (e.g., checks. W2 forms).

ImageReceiverThis Receiver creates an image file that is saved to disk. The image can be a GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

Attributes are used to determine the other properties of the image (e.g., width, height, text, etc.).
Use Case Example: Generate images with Attribute values such as GIF images with a person's name or other data.

Additional Reading: Generating Images and Facet Test Data for Search Engine Testing.
PDFGeneratorAPIFileReceiverThis Receiver reads a JSON file and makes a call to a 3rd Party PDF Tool to create a PDF using the defined PDF Template and synthetically generated data.

PDF Tool Example: PDFGeneratorAPI

Note: This tool only delivers data in the PDF format and does not control the pixels, fonts, and other details of laying out the delivered data of a PDF document - that is the job of the PDF Tool. This task must be performed by the PDF Tool. GenRocket supplies the data, and the tool uses the data to create the image or PDF.
Use Case Examples: Generate PDF files such as invoices, forms, monthly reports, and certificates with synthetically generated data.

PDFFileReceiverThis Receiver writes Domain Attribute values in a PDF file format. Each record can be in one PDF File or separate PDF Files.Use Case Example: Generate PDF Files containing Attribute data. A configuration file can be used to apply minimal formatting to the generated PDF(s).