The PresidentsGen Generator produces the names of the United States presidents with option like determining which party of presidents to generate and in what order. 

A good use of this Generator would be to reference it from a ConcatGen generator when producing street names. 

For example: 10002 Obama Ave.


The following parameters may be configured for the PresidentsGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • setLoop* - setLoop gives you the ability to OVERRIDE the loop count at the Scenario level and ONLY produce the number of rows that are defined in this list. Note: This does not apply to GenRocket Express as it does not use Scenarios.

  • waitAmount* - Define the number of iterations the Generator should wait before moving onto the next value in the list.

  • party*- Party options:
    • allParties
    • democratic
    • democraticRepublican
    • federalist
    • republican
    • union
    • whig

  • sortOrder*- Defines the order in which president names are generated.  Options:
    • chronological
    • ascending
    • descending
    • random

  • seed - Using the seed will ensure that the same random data is generated each time data is generated.

  • nameDisplay*- Defines how what parts of the presidents name will be displayed. Options: 
    • lastName
    • fullName

  • noDuplicates* - Gives you the option to filter out duplicate names from the generated list of presidents: 
    • True
    • False

      For example, Ronald Reagan occupied the presidency twice. Note: This option does not apply when the sortOrder is set to random.

Sample Output