The Free Trial Kit allows a completely self-guided GenRocket evaluation for opportunities that don’t qualify for a high-touch enterprise sales process. Our standard sales process calls for close customer involvement in each stage of a formal product evaluation. 

As shown in the upper branch of the diagram below, a structured POC is managed by a GenRocket partner with assistance from the GenRocket customer success team. This follows a live demo (using our new banking demo kit) to set the stage for POC prep, execution and validation and successfully position GenRocket for enterprise deployment (land and expand). 

This resource-intensive approach does not make sense for every sales inquiry.  Some opportunities are not ready or fully funded to justify a high-touch evaluation process. So we created a separate branch to support a low-touch sales process. This new process enables a self-evaluation of GenRocket that begins with a recorded demo followed by a free trial that provides full access to the self-service modules in our platform. 


To enable prospective customers and partners to quickly and easily evaluate GenRocket’s industry-leading Test Data Automation (TDA) solution, we put together a Free Trial Kit to facilitate the process. This resource kit efficiently guides an evaluator of GenRocket technology through the process of learning and applying its advanced concepts and capabilities.


The first step is to Explore the key components of the GenRocket architecture and how they are used to solve test data challenges across multiple industry segments. Below are links to a video introduction, an industry solutions section of the GenRocket website, and a resource section that contains downloadable data sheets, case studies, eBooks and more.


The next step is to Educate members of the evaluation team on how to use the power of GenRocket to its full potential. Our extensive knowledgebase has over 700 articles presented as short, highly focused explanations of the many features included with the platform. And GenRocket University is an on-line, interactive and self-paced learning environment that will take a new GenRocket user through a structured curriculum that covers all the bases.


The third, and most important step in the free trial evaluation process is to Experience the power of GenRocket first-hand. Start by viewing our Banking Solutions Demo to see Test Data Automation in action. Then put the knowledge you acquired in GenRocket University into practice by creating your first GenRocket Project. Our support team is ready to answer any and all

questions at a moment’s notice and our newsletters will keep you up to date on the latest features and helpful use cases. 

Soon you will be ready to integrate GenRocket into your CI/CD pipeline and automate the process of real-time synthetic test data generation with our intelligent API. Then you will be ready accelerate your test data provisioning process with our distributed self-service platform. Here are some links to enhance your GenRocket experience.

Be sure to reach out with any questions, comments or concerns and share feedback on your GenRocket experience with our customer success team. We are here to ensure your evaluation is a highly productive experience from beginning to end.

We've assembled all of the resources needed to ensure this self-guided customer experience is successful in our new Free Trial Kit. You can access the Free Trial Kit PDF by clicking on the link below:


Note: For more information about our Free Trial Kit, please contact the GenRocket Team at: