Top New Features for July:

  1. GMUS Proxy Server Support
  2. New OracleSQLFileInsertReceiver
  3. Header can be included in FixedFileReceiver Output

GMUS Proxy Server Support

Corporate networks often add a proxy server to provide an additional layer of security when communicating with networks outside the company's firewall. We have previously added the ability for the GenRocket Engine to use a Proxy Setting if you use a Proxy Server to connect to the Public Internet. Now, we have added Proxy support for GenRocket GenRocket Multi User Server (GMUS)  Engines as well.

Note: To learn more about setting up GenRocket GMUS, click here. To learn more about Proxy Settings for GenRocket Runtime, click here

New OracleSQLFileInsertReceiver

The OracleSQLFileInsertReceiver creates a file with standard ANSI SQL insert statements for Oracle Database. For more information, click here.

FixedFileReceiver Update

A new parameter has been added to the FixedFileReceiver configuration for including headers in the generated output file. For more information, click here.