Once your Organization Attributes have been created and configured with the appropriate Generators, additional steps will be needed to reference values generated by these Attributes for test data generation. 

Organization Attributes are referenced through Test Data Case Domains for a selected Project and Version. This article shows how to reference one or more Organization Attributes within a Project. 

How to Reference Organization Attributes

Complete the following steps to do so: 

  • Create or access a Test Data Case for the desired Project. 

  • Test Data Case Suites are accessed through the Manage menu for a selected Project Version. Click on G-Cases.

  • Select a Test Data Case Suite, Category and Case.

  • Then click the Edit Test Data Case Domain (Pencil and Paper) icon to edit the Test Data Case Domain where the Organization Attribute will be used.

  • Add a new Attribute to the Domain.

  • Enter a Name for the new Attribute. For this example, a customerName Attribute is being created.

  • Click the Save button to finish.

  • Select the new Attribute.

  • Click on the Add Global Attribute button.

  • Select the Organization Attribute Collection on the left of the dialog window. The selected collection will be highlighted in blue. 

  • Select the Organization Attribute by clicking on the Plus (+) in the dialog window.

  • Click the Delete (Trash Can) icon to remove the default assigned Generator from the configuration.

  • The Attribute configuration will appear as shown below:

  • For this example, 5 Organization Attributes have been added to the Test Data Case Domain. 

  • To generate test data for referenced Organization Attributes, you will need to run the Test Data Case with the Scenario in a Command or Terminal Window. 

    For this example, the command line would be:

    genrocket -tdc SampleTestDataCaseSuite.gtdc:Unit.case1 -r CustomerScenario.grs

    Note: Before running the Test Data Case, make certain you have the latest Generator and Receiver Libraries in your User_Home/.genrocket folder. If you do not have these libraries and are not using an offline certificate, please run the following command:

    genrocket -lib

    If you are using an offline certificate, please download the Libraries manually from the Options Menu in the navigation bar and place the Libraries in your .genrocket folder (the same location as your downloaded Profile).

    The output would appear as shown below: