One or more Test Data Queries (G-Queries) can be added to a Test Data Case (G-Case) to perform a query during test data generation. A Query must be configured to add it to an individual Case.  

Queries can be added and removed as needed. An option is also provided to copy one or more Queries to other Cases within the same suite. Click here to learn more about setting up queries.

Important: Adding many queries to a case can slow down test data generation. For more information, please see How to Optimize Test Data Generation.

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When Should Queries be Added to Cases?

  • Any time data needs to be queried at the time of test data generation for a particular case. 

How to Add Queries to Cases 

  • Select a Case Suite, Category, and Case in the G-Cases Dashboard.

  • Select the G-Queries tab and click on Add G-Query.

  • Tick the checkboxes to select one or more Queries.
  • Click Add once finished. 

    Note: Queries do not have to be downloaded when added to a case. The Query will automatically occur when test data is generated with the Case used to generate it.

How to Remove Queries from a Case

  • Tick the checkbox for each Query that should be deleted.
  • Click the Delete G-Queries button.

How to Copy Queries to Other Cases within a Suite

Queries added to a Case can be copied to other Cases within the same suite by following the steps below.

  • Tick the checkbox for the Queries that need to be copied.
  • Click Copy G-Query once finished.

  • Enter the Case Name and select it. (Repeat this step to select multiple cases in a suite)
  • Select the Case and then click Copy.