Linked Generators is a very powerful GenRocket feature because linked Generators are able to directly reference each other within an Attribute as opposed to indirectly accessing another Domain's Attribute to get its Generated value. 

Thus, linking Generators to each other within an Attribute provides the ability to generate complex conditioned test data without the necessity of having to access another Attribute's generated value. For more information, please see: Linked Generators Overview.

How to Link Generators

  • Select the Domain and Attribute where the Generators should be linked.

  • Click the Add Generator button to add another Generator to the selected Attribute.

  • Select a Generator within the dialog window. Use the Filter field to search for a specific Generator.

  • Click on the Plus (+) to select a Generator.

  • The Generator will appear at the bottom of the table. An Alias can be added by clicking on the Pencil icon.

  • Additional options are provided to the right of the Generator name for showing Generator references, deleting the Generator, changing the order of Generators, and replacing the Generator.

  • For this example, 4 Generators have been linked to create a unique order number.

    firstSequence (RandomGen) - Generates a random 5-digit number between 10000 and 99999.
    randomLetter (AlphabetGen) - Generates a random letter from the alphabet.
    secondSequence (RandomGen) - Generates a random 3-digit number between 100 and 999.

    The ConcatGen is used to combine these values to generate a unique order number for a customer.

  • The output would appear as shown below:

For detailed Linked Generator Design Pattern examples, please see the following articles: