This article provides basic instructions for Linking Generators to generate complex test data. For additional examples, please see one of the following articles: 

Note: For more information, please see Linked Generators Overview.

In This Article

  • Select the Domain and Attribute where the Generators should be linked.

  • Click the Add Generator button to add another Generator to the selected Attribute.

  • Select a Generator within the dialog window. Use the Filter field to search for a specific Generator.

  • Click on the Plus (+) to select a Generator.

  • The Generator will appear at the bottom of the table. An Alias can be added by clicking on the Pencil icon.

  • Additional options are provided to the right of the Generator name for showing Generator references, deleting the Generator, changing the order of Generators, and replacing the Generator.

  • For this example, 4 Generators have been linked to create a unique order number.

    firstSequence (RandomGen) - Generates a random 5-digit number between 10000 and 99999.
    randomLetter (AlphabetGen) - Generates a random letter from the alphabet.
    secondSequence (RandomGen) - Generates a random 3-digit number between 100 and 999.

    The ConcatGen is used to combine these values to generate a unique order number for a customer.

  • The output would appear as shown below:

How to give a Linked Generator an Alias

By default, each Linked Generator is given a standard name (gen1, gen2, gen3, gen4, etc.). An Alias may be added to a Linked Generator for easier identification.

  • Click the Pencil icon of the Generator you want to give an Alias to.

  • Input the Alias into the text field and click Save.

  • Your Linked Generator now has an Alias.