A new Generator can be assigned to more than one Attribute at once through the Domain Dashboard. When a new Generator is assigned using this method, you will also be able to make changes to the assigned Generator's Parameters for each Attribute in the same dialog window. 

For example, let's say you have a firstName and lastName Attribute. These two Attributes will be using the same Generator to generate the required synthetic test data. In this example, the default assigned Generator is the SimplePatternGen Generator, which will need to be replaced with the NameGen Generator for both Attributes.

The current configuration for the firstName Attribute is shown below: 

The following topics are covered in this article: 

How to Assign a New Generator to multiple Attributes

  • Click on the Cogwheel icon located above the list of Attributes to open the Browse and Manage Attributes dialog window.

  • Click on the checkbox for each Attribute the new Generator will be assigned to. Selected Attributes will have a checkmark and blue background.

  • Click on the Select Generator Menu and type in all or part of the Generator Name.

  • For this example, NameGen will be entered. Click to select the Generator and then click on the Set Generator button.

  • Click Yes in the dialog window to assign the new Generator to the selected Attributes. The Generator will automatically be assigned to each selected Attribute.

  • Generator Parameters may be modified by clicking on the Modify Generator Parameters button. Note: See the next section of this article to learn more.

  • Click the Close button to close the dialog window.

How to Modify Individual Parameters for the Assigned Generator

  • In the Browse and Manage Attributes dialog window, click on the Modify Generator Parameters button. 

  • In the dialog window, click on the Edit (Pencil) icon to make changes to a single Generator Parameter for each Attribute. 

  • Select an option from the drop down menu or enter a new value and then click on the Save (Disk) icon to save the change.  

How to Modify Multiple Parameters for the Assigned Generator

  • The same Parameter for multiple Attributes can also be altered by clicking on the checkboxes for each Attribute the Parameter will need to be modified for.

  • Select the Parameter in the Select Generator Parameter Menu.

  • Next, enter or select a new value. For this example, Random has been selected. Click the Save button once finished.

  • Once all changes have been made, click on the Close button.

    Note: For more details instructions for editing Generator Parameters for multiple Attributes, click here