Organization Resources are variables shared across an organization, with user-specific values. They're available to all projects and versions. Users can customize directory paths for these shared resources. After doing so, users must download their User Profile and place it in the .genrocket folder. The profile is needed to perform a license check when running a Scenario. To learn more about Organization Resources, click here.

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What Paths Should I Use for Each Resource?

Resource NameRecommendation
resource.home.directoryIt should point to the user's home directory on the machine.
  • Windows Example - C:\Users\username
  • Linux/Mac OS Example - /home/users/username

It can be any arbitrary location. It should be different from the home path.

It can be any arbitrary location. It should be different from the home path. 

Why Should I Not Use the Home Path for All Three?

It is not recommended to use the path set in the for the  following resources: 


We recommend using a subdirectory within the home directory for the other two resources. Using the same path could result in errors during test data generation or, in some cases, a process that never finishes. 

For example, when generating EDI documents, the process will take an extended time (more than 2 hours) and not finish.

Windows Example (Drive Letter Should be Included)

Linux/Mac OS Example

How Do I Change a Resource Value? 

  • Click on the Edit (Pencil) icon. 

  • Enter the new value and click Save.

Remember to Download Your Profile!

*IMPORTANT* When a Resource Value is altered, the user must download their profile and place (or replace existing profile file) it in the .genrocket folder.  

  • Expand the Download menu.
  • Select Download My Profile.

Your .genrocket folder should be in the path specified for the if it is a local install. If it is a shared machine, the .genrocket folder would be the shared location. Examples are shown below:

Mac Example

Windows Example