Organization Resources are variables shared by all users throughout an organization but whose values may differ for each user. They are available to all Projects and Project Versions within the organization.  

Organization Resources allow each user to enter their own directory path for shared resources. This makes it possible for any user within a given Organization to download a Scenario and run it on their local computer.

In This Article

It is not recommended to use the path set in the for the  following resources: 


Using the same path could result in errors during test data generation or, in some cases, a process that never finishes. 

For example, when generating EDI documents, the process will take an extended time (more than 2 hours) and not finish.

Using a subdirectory within the home directory for these resources is best practice. An example of the recommended path setup is shown below. 

Path Format by Operating System

  • Mac OSx / Linux Example 

  • Windows OS Example - Make sure the drive letter is included.

     To learn more about Organization Resources, click here.

How Do I Change a Resource Value? 

  • Click on the Edit (Pencil) icon for any resource in the Resources Pane to alter the value. 

  • Enter the new value and click the Save button to save the change.

Next Steps

When a Resource Value is altered, the user's GenRocket profile (my profile.prg) must be downloaded again and updated on their local machine. For more information, please see one of these articles: