The XMLReceiver exports Domain data in XML format.


The following parameters can be defined for the XMLReceiver. Items with an asterisk (*) are required: 

  • rootElementName* - The master element that contains the row elements.
  • rowElementName* - The name of the primary element for each XML row.
  • exportStyle*- Determines how the XML is formatted. 

  • booleanValue* - Format a Boolean object with the selected mask.
  • rowDelimiter* - Defines the bytes that delimit each row. 
  • nullValue* - Represents NULL value.
  • quoteTextData*- Defines the character to use when quoting text data.
    • Single
    • None
    • Double

Receiver Attribute Property Keys

The Receiver defines one property key that can be modified on any of its associated Domain Attributes:

  • columnName - Defines the name of the column as it is in the actual database table.