Registering a Client Application User with GenRocket

Users that will use your GenRocket Registered Client Application must be registered through your client application.  When the user is successfully registered with the Client Application, a UUID will be assigned to the user and passed back to the client application.  The client application must store the user's GenRocket UUID.

User Registration REST Request

The example below shows the URL and payload to send when making a RESTful request to register a User with your GenRocket Client Application.

Parameters (with example values):

    "clientAppId": "XXXXXXXX-1e47-abcd-ba66-XXXXXXXXXXXX"

A User Generating Synthetic Data via the Client Application

Once a user is registered with your GenRocket Registered Client Application, they can access their client application to select a Scenario and have the application use the GMUS to run a Scenario and generate synthetic data.