Run a Scenario when inMemory parameter is Both

A REST request is made to the GMUS to run a Scenario with the inMemory parameter is set to both. When inMemory is both, the SimpleMapReceiver is added to the Domain along with Receivers assigned to the Domain so it can produce the data in memory and all active Receivers output the data to their respective destinations.

The data that is generated in memory is passed back to the calling client as JSON.

Parameters (with example values):

    "clientAppId" : "XXXXXXXX-1e47-abcd-ba66-XXXXXXXXXXXX",
    "clientUserId": "XXXXXXXX-abcd-4284-aa45-XXXXXXXXXXXX",
    "username"    : "",
    "scenario"    : "TestScenario.grs",
    "scenarioPath": "/home/jDoe/Downloads/output",
    "inMemory"    : "both"