The CroatiaCountyGen Generator generates the names of counties in Croatia. 


The following parameters may be configured for the CroatiaCountyGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • Enforce Type/Limit - When enabled, it makes sure to generate the data within data size. 

  • sortOrder* - Defines the sortOrder in which the county names will be generated. The choices are:

    • RANDOM


  • autoReference* - When true the CroatiaCountyGen Generator will automatically search for an Attribute above itself, within its Domain, that uses a matching Croatia Generator and map the county name to the value generated. A matching Generator may be one the following: 

    • CroatiaCityGen

    • CroatiaZipCodeGen

      When false, the county names will be listed in the following sortOrders:

      • RANDOM


  • seedDefines an optional seed for randomization. Using the seed will ensure that the same random county names are generated each time data is generated.

Sample Output