The CroatiaNationalIDGen Generator generates National IDs for the country of Croatia.


The following parameters may be configured for the CroatiaNationalIdGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • Enforce Type/Limit - When enabled, it makes sure to generate the data within data size. 
  • increment* - Defines a constant value or a reference to another Attribute's generated value, and is added to the National Id generated value on each iteration. 
  • cardType* - Defines National Id type (JMBG, OIB).
  • dateOfBirth - Defines the reference to the date of birth.
  • dateOfBirthFormat - Defines the data format for the referenced date of birth. It should be 4 digit year format. Example: yyyy-MM-dd
  • gender - Defines the gender for the Croatia National Identity number. Allowed values for male are m/M/Male/male. Allowed values for female are f/F/Female/female.
  • applyOutputFormat - Defines if the output should be formatted.
  • outputFormat - Defines the format to be followed if the applyOutputFormat parameter is set to true. You can refer to Java's MaskFormatted library to check value formats. Example AAAAAAAAAAA
  • prefix - Appends prefix / context to National ID. Possible values for Croatia National ID are: Osobni identifikacijski broj / OIB
  • random* - Defines if National ID values are randomly generated as opposed to sequentially generated. 
  • seed - Defines an optional seed for randomization. Using the seed will ensure that the same random data is generated each time data is generated. 
  • unique* - Defines if National ID value should be unique when random parameter is true. 

Example 1: Generate National ID based on random Dates of Birth and Genders

For this example, two Generators have been linked and referenced by the CroatiaNationalIdGen Generator: 

  • FlexibleDateRangeGen - Generates a random date of birth starting at 1925-01-01 (yyyy-mm-dd) for the dateOfBirth Parameter.

  • GenderGen - Generates a gender (M/F) randomly for the gender Parameter. 

FlexibleDateRangeGen Generator configuration: 

GenderGen Generator configuration: 

Sample Output