The CroatiaBankAccountNumberGen Generator generates Bank Account Numbers for the country of Croatia.


The following parameters may be configured for the CroatiaBankAccountNumberGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • Enforce Type/Limit - When enabled, it makes sure to generate the data within data size. 
  • increment* - Defines a constant value or a reference to another Attribute's generated value and is added to the Bank Account Number generated value on each iteration.
  • bankCode* - Defines a 7-digit bank code to generate the bank account number. 
  • applyOutputFormat* - Defines if the output should be formatted.
  • outputFormat* - Defines the format or pattern of mask to be followed if the applyOutputFormat parameter is set to true. You can refer to Java's MaskFormatter library to check valid format values. Example: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 
  • random* - Defines if Bank Account Numbers are randomly generated as opposed to sequentially generated. 
  • seed - Defines an optional seed for randomization. Using the seed will ensure that the same random data is generated each time data is generated.
  • unique* - Defines if the generated Bank Account Numbers are unique if random is set to true.

Example 1: Generate Random, Unique Bank Account Numbers

For this example, a RangeGen Generator has been linked to the CroatiaBankAccountNumberGen Generator and referenced by the bankCode Parameter. It will generate a 7-digit code ranging from 1000000 to 9999999 that will increment by 1000 each time.

Additionally, the following Parameters have been set to "true":

  • random
  • unique

RangeGen Generator Configuration: 

  • startRange - 1000000
  • endRange - 9999999
  • jumpAmount - 1000

Sample Output