The CroatiaCityGen Generator generates the city names within Croatia and also searches for an CroatiaStateGen Generator within the same Domain, matching up its values if one is found.


The following parameters may be configured for the CroatiaCityGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • Enforce Type/Limit - When enabled, it makes sure to generate the data within data size. 

  • sortOrder* - Defines the sortOrder in which the city names will be generated. The choices are:

    • RANDOM


  • autoReference* - When true the CroatiaCityGen Generator will automatically search for an Attribute above itself, within its Domain, that uses a matching Croatia Generator and map the city name to the value generated. A matching Generator may be one the following: 

    • CroatiaCountyGen

    • CroatiaZipCodeGen

      When false, the city names will be listed in the following sortOrders:

      • RANDOM


  • seed - Using the seed will ensure that the same random city names are generated each time data is generated.

Sample Output

Example 1: Matching State Abbreviation and Zip Code

For this example, a CroatiaCountyGen Generator and a CroatiaCityZipCodeGen Generator have been linked to the CroatiaCityGen Generator. 

When the autoReference Parameter is set to "true", the Generator searches for a CroatiaStateGen within the same Domain, matching up its values if one is found. 

Sample Output