Domains added to a Project are a template that can be used and expanded upon by other features in the application. When a Domain is added to a Test Data Case, it becomes a Test Data Case Domain.  

A Test Data Case Domain contains the same Attributes and Generator Configurations as defined in the Domain Template for the Project. Once a Test Data Case Domain has been created, the following actions can be taken: 

  1. New Attributes can be added to a Test Data Case Domain
  2. Existing Attribute Generator configurations can be modified for Test Data Case Domain

Note: These changes do not impact the Domain configuration for the selected Project Version.

Note: This article shows how to add a new Attribute at the Test Data Case Level that is not part of the Domain Template for the Project Version. To learn more about modifying Generator Configurations for existing Test Data Case Domain Attributes, click here.

When should a new Attribute be added to a Test Data Case Domain?

  • When it is needed for test data generation with a specific Test Data Case, but does not need to be part of the Domain Template.

How do you use new Attributes within a Test Data Case Domain?

  1. Add the new Attribute to the Test Data Case Domain
  2. (Optional) Assign a new Generator to the Attribute
  3. Configure the assigned Generators Parameters and save your changes
  4. (Optional) Link additional Generators to the assigned Generator

In This Article

The following topics are covered in this article:

How to add a new Attribute to a Test Data Case Domain

  • Select the Project within the Project Dashboard.
  • Within the Project Versions Pane, expand the Self Serve Menu Options drop-down menu for the appropriate Project Version.
  • Select G-Cases to access Test Data Case Suites.

  • Select the Test Data Case Suite, Category, and Test Data Case.
  • Next, edit the Domain in the Test Data Case where the Attribute should be created.

  • Click the New Attribute button to add a new Attribute to the Domain.

  • Enter a Name for the Attribute and click the Save button.

  • For this example, a rewardLevel Attribute has been added.

How to replace a Generator for a Test Data Case Domain Attribute

When an Attribute is created, a default Generator will automatically be assigned. If the default Generator is not what you need, it can be replaced by following the steps below: 

  • Enter part or all of the Generator name into the Quick Generator Replacement drop-down menu. 

  • Click the Replace button. In this example, it has been replaced with a ListGen Generator.

Additional Generators can be linked and referenced within the Attribute Generator configuration. To add another Generator, complete the steps below: 

  • Add a new Generator by clicking the Add Generator button underneath Linked Generators

  • Use the Filter input field to search for the Generator. Then click the Plus (+) to add the Generator. 

  • Configure the Parameters for the Generator and click the Save Generator button. 

    Note: Complete these same steps to add another Generator. As when working with linked Generators in any other Project or Project Version, you are able to add an Alias, change the Generator order, etc.