The G-Rules platform can be used to create a suite of Test Data Rules that can run by GenRocket Runtime with a Scenario, ScenarioChain, or ScenarioChainSet (or) added to an individual Test Data Case. 

Test Data Rules apply business logic as a conditional if-then statement during test data generation for defined Domains and Attributes. 

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Self Service Test Data Portal Diagram

Simple Workflow Example for Test Data Rules

Here is a tree view showing a simple workflow for a Test Data Rule Suite:

  • Test Data Rule Suite 1
    • Test Data Rule 1
      • Condition
      • Action
    • Test Data Rule 2
      • Condition and/or Condition
      • Action
    • Test Data Rule 3
      • Condition
      • Action
    • Default Rule
      • Action

Here is the same tree view shown above as a workflow diagram:

Generating Test Data with Test Data Rules

Test Data Rules can be run manually by running the corresponding command line in a Command or Terminal Window. GenRocket also offers options for automating this process. Test Data Rules can be used to generate test data in two ways: 

  • Run on their own with a downloaded Scenario, ScenarioChain, or ScenarioChainSet in GenRocket Runtime
  • Added to an individual Test Data Case and applied when the Test Data Case is run in GenRocket Runtime

Note: For more information about configuring and using Test Data Rules, click here.