Generators are automatically assigned to a new Attribute by the Data Warehouse based on usage statistics. When GenRocket cannot intelligently assign a Generator to an Attribute, it will assign the SimplePatternGen Generator as a placeholder. 

Generator Tags can be used to override the Data Warehouse and ensure the appropriate Generators are assigned to new Attributes. Generator Tags can be created at the Organization or Project Level. 

An example Project Level Generator Tag is shown below:

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What is Generator Tuning?

  • Generator Tuning is the process of creating and using Generator Tags at the Organization or Project Level to override the Data Warehouse's Generator Assignment. 

What is a Generator Tag?

  • Generator Tags define rules for assigning a Generator automatically to new Attributes based on a specified tag value and match type.  

When should you use Generator Tags?

  • Any time a Generator needs to be assigned to new Attributes other than what is being assigned by the Data Warehouse.

How do Generator Tags Work?

When a new Attribute is created, GenRocket will check the Attribute's name for specified tag values. If a match is found, the Generator Tag will automatically assign the Generator to the new Attribute.

Each Generator Tag has a value and a match type, which are used to determine if the Generator should be assigned to a new Attribute. 

  • Value - Must exist within the Attribute name (e.g. city).

  • Match Type - Determines how the value should match in the Attribute name (e.g. Starts With, Ends With, Matches, or Contains).

Promoting Project Level Generator Tags to the Organization Level

Project Level Generator Tags can be promoted to the Organization Level. 

  • Project Level - Generator Tags apply to all Project Versions within a given Project.
  • Organization Level - Generator Tags apply to all Project Versions within any Project.

Note: For more information on how to promote Project Level Generator Tags, click here.

How to View Generator Usage Statistics

Generator usage statistics can be viewed for each Attribute within the Domain Dashboard.

  • Click the Show Generators for "Generator Name" icon for the Attribute.

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