Generators are automatically assigned to new Attributes by the Data Warehouse based on usage statistics. Generator Tags can be used to override this assignment. 

What are Generator Tags?

  • Generator Tags define rules for assigning a Generator automatically to new Attributes based on a specified tag value and match type. Generator Tags can be created at the Project or Organization Level.

When should you use Generator Tags? 

  • Any time a Generator needs to be assigned to new Attributes other than what is being assigned by the Data Warehouse.

How do Generator Tags work? 

  • When a new Attribute is created, GenRocket will check the Attribute's name for specified tag values. If a match is found, the Generator Tag will automatically assign the Generator to the new Attribute.

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How to Access and Manage Project Generator Tags

Project Generator Tags are accessed and managed through the Generator Tags Tab within the Project Dashboard

Glossary of Generator Tag Options

The following icons are provided in the Actions Column for each Generator Tag:

Edit Generator TagThis icon can be used to modify the Name, Value, Match, and Generator information for the tag.
Delete Generator TagThis icon can be used to delete the Generator Tag.
 Modify Generator ParametersThis icon can be used to access and modify the Generator Parameters for the tag.
Promote Project Generator Tag to Organization LevelThis icon can be used to promote a Project Generator Tag to the Organization Level. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Two Methods for Creating Project Generator Tags

Generator Tags can be created in one of two ways: 

  • Attribute Level - Most common and fastest method for creating a Generator Tag. The Project Tag button can be used to create a Generator Tag based on the currently assigned Generator. 

  • Project Management Level - The Generator Tags Tab within the Project Dashboard can be used to create and manage Generator Tags for all Project Versions within a given Project.

How to Create a Generator Tag within an Attribute

For this example, a new Attribute titled "cmpny" will be created and is automatically assigned the SimplePatternGen Generator. The default Generator assignment should be the ConstantGen Generator. 

Complete the following steps to create a new Generator Tag:

  • Assign the appropriate Generator to an Attribute.

  • Configure Parameters for the Generator.

  • Next, click the Save Generator button.

  • Click the Project Tag button.

  • Click Yes in the dialog window.

  • Click OK in the dialog window.

  • Generator Tags created in this way default to "Matches" for the Match Type. All Project Generator Tags can be viewed and managed in the Generator Tags Tab located within the Management Pane of the Project Dashboard

How to Create a Generator Tag within a Project

Generator Tags can be created directly within the Project Dashboard for a selected Project. For this example, a Generator Tag will be created to ensure the IndianStateCapitalGen Generator is assigned for any Attribute with "city" as its name. 

  • Select the Project within the Project Dashboard.

  • Select the Generator Tags Tab within the Management Pane.

  • Next, click the New Generator Tag button.

  • Enter a Name for the new Generator Tag (e.g. cityAttribute).

  • Next, enter a Value (e.g. city).

  • Select a Match option from the drop-down menu.

  • (Optional) Check the Ignore Case checkbox if you want the case to be ignored.

    Note: When Ignore Case is not checked, the Attribute Name case must match the Tag Value case.

  • Enter the name of and select the Generator that will be assigned within Select Generator Type menu (e.g. IndianStateCapitalGen Generator).

  • Click Save once finished.

  • (Optional) Use the dialog window to make changes to the Parameter configuration for the Generator. 

  • Click the Save button to save your changes.

  • Click the Close button once finished to close the dialog window.

  • When a new Attribute is created with "city" as the name, the IndianStateCapitalGen Generator will be automatically assigned.