Project Level Generator Tags can only be used to assign Generators to new Attributes within any Project Version of a given Project. 

However, a Project Level Generator Tag can be promoted to the Organization Level , at which point, it can be applied to any Project Version within any Project. 

What is a Generator Tag?

  • Generator Tags define rules for assigning a Generator automatically to new Attributes based on a specified tag value and match type.  

When should you promote a Project Generator Tag? 

  • When the Generator Tag should be applied to any Project Version within any given Project.

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How to Promote a Generator Tag to the Organization Level

  • Select the Project Version within the Project Dashboard.

  • Select the Generator Tags Tab.

  • Click on the Move to Organization Generator icon in the Actions column.

  • Click Yes in the dialog window.

  • Click OK to close the dialog window.

How to View Organization Level Generator Tags

  • Expand the Organization Menu and selecting Generator Tags.

  • The new Generator Tag can be seen at the bottom of the table.