Generators are automatically assigned to a new Attribute by the Data Warehouse based on usage statistics. When GenRocket cannot intelligently assign a Generator to an Attribute, it will assign the SimplePatternGen Generator as a placeholder. 

What are Generator Tags?

  • Generator Tags define rules for assigning a Generator automatically to new Attributes based on a specified tag value and match type. Generator Tags can be created at the Organization or Project Level.  

When should you use Generator Tags? 

  • Any time a Generator needs to be assigned to new Attributes other than what is being assigned by the Data Warehouse. 

How do Generator Tags work? 

  • When a new Attribute is created, GenRocket will check the Attribute's name for specified tag values. If a match is found, the Generator Tag will automatically assign the Generator to the new Attribute.

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How to View Organization Generator Tags

  • Expand the Organization Menu and select Generator Tags.

  • Generator Tags can be seen and managed within the table.

Glossary of Generator Tag Icons

Icons within the Actions Column can be used to manage each Organization Generator Tag: 

Edit Generator TagThis icon can be used to modify the Generator Tag configuration.
Delete Generator TagThis icon can be used to delete the Generator Tag.
Modify Generator ParametersThis icon can be used to access and modify the Generator Parameters for the tag.

How to Create a New Organization Generator Tag

  • Click on the New Organization Generator Tag button.

  • Next, enter a Name for the Generator Tag (e.g containsStreet).

  • Enter a Value for the Generator Tag (e.g. street).

  • Select a Match type from the drop-down menu (e.g. Starts With, Ends With, Contains, or Matches).

  • (Optional) Check the Ignore Case check box if the case should be ignored.

  • Enter part of or the full name of the Generator and select it within the menu (e.g. IndianAddressGen Generator).

  • Once finished, click the Save button.

  • (Optional) In the dialog window, you can make changes to the Generator's Parameter configuration. 

  • Remember to click Save if changes are made. 

  • Then click Close to exit the dialog window.

  • The new Generator Tag will appear in the table as shown below: