This article is designed to help users log in for the first time and become more familiar with navigating through the GenRocket web platform. Let's get started!

In This Article


  • A user account for the web platform.
  • Welcome email with the following information:  
    1. A link to the web platform
    2. Username
    3. Temporary Password

Step 1: Access and Log Into the Web Platform

Users will need to log in to begin using the web platform. Follow the steps below: 

  • Click on "here" to access the login page.

  • Enter a Username and Password.

  • Click Login to continue.

Step 2: Review and Accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)

A EULA will be displayed the first time a user logs into the web platform. It must be accepted to access and use the application.

  • Scroll up and down to review the EULA.

  • Click Accept to accept it.

Step 3: If Prompted, Configure a New Login Password

After accepting the EULA, the user may be prompted to change their password. This will occur if a temporary password has been assigned to the user's account.

  • Enter the current password.

  • Enter a New Password and confirm it.

  • Then click the Submit button.

Congratulations! You have successfully logged into the GenRocket web platform!

The Forgot Password? link within the login form can be used to reset a user's login password. For step-by-step instructions, please see this article: How to Reset Login Password using the Forgot Password? Link.

The Menu Bar can be used to access several User and Organization Admin features. It is located at the top of the GenRocket web platform. For more information about each Menu Bar option, please see this article Menu Bar.

Project Dashboard Introduction

Only three panes will be visible the first time a user logs into the web platform. 

Projects Pane

The Projects Pane can be used to view, add, and manage Test Data Projects within an Organization. To learn more about this pane, please see this article: Projects Pane.

Queue Status Pane

The Queue Status Pane displays any tasks that are waiting to be executed. A task may be a Project Deletion, Project Version Deletion, Data Import, or another item.

The Refresh button can be used at any time to view the most recent tasks within the queue. 

Resources Pane

The Resources Pane can be used to add and manage Organization Resources. To learn more about Organization Resources and all available options within this pane, please see this article: Resources Pane.