Organization Admins can use the Resources Pane within the Project Dashboard to add and manage Organization Resources. Resource values may be configured by all users and are used for test data generation.

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What are Organization Resources?

Organization Resources are variables shared by all users throughout an organization but whose values may differ for each user. The value must be configured by each user to generate test data. 

  • Resource Name - Shared by every user within the Organization. 
  • Resource Value - A directory path that is specific to each User's local machine.

Note: Organization Resources are available to all Projects within an Organization and are added to GenRocket by the Organization Admin. 

Resources Pane - Icons, Menus, and Buttons

The following icons, menus, and buttons are available within the Resources Pane



The Add Resource button can be used to add a new Organization Resource. These resources are seen by all users; however, users that are not Organization Admins can only edit the Resource's value.  

Note: Only Organization Admins can add new Organization Resources.

The Download drop-down menu can be used to download the following:
  • User Profile - Your user profile must be downloaded and placed in the .genrocket folder within your home directory to generate test data. (Linux/Mac and Windows

  • Offline Certificate - An Offline Certificate is required to use GenRocket offline. (Click here for more information)

The Select Server drop-down menu can be used to select and view Server Resources.

Note: Organization Admins can add Server Resources when viewing their Organization information (users, licenses, etc.). For more information on how to add a Server Resource, click here.

The Edit (Pencil) icon can be used by any user to edit a Resource Value.

Organization Admins will also see this icon next to the Resource Name. It can be used to edit the Resource's Name and Description.

Note: For more information, click here.

The References icon can be used to view all references for a specific Organization Resource.

The Delete (Trash Can) icon can be used to remove an Organization Resource. Only Organization Admins can remove Resources.

 The Information icon can be used to view more information about a resource.

Server Resources - Icons

The following icons are available when viewing Server Resources within the Resources Pane: 



The Pencil icon can be used to edit a Server Resource's value.

The Info icon can be used to view more information about a Server Resource.