The StringSplitIndexGen splits the referenced String based on a delimiter, which in turn creates an internal list. The elements from the list can then be accessed with the help of the list index. 


The following parameters may be configured for the StringSplitIndexGen Generator. Items with an asterisk* are required. 

  • value* - Defines a reference to another Attribute or a reference to a Generator in linked Generators. It can be a constant String as well. It is the String that Generator splits based on the delimiter specified by the User.

  • delimiter* - Defines a delimiter that will be used to split the referenced/constant String. It can also accept the regular expressions e.g. for space, use \s character.

  • index* - Defines an integer value that will be used to access an element from the list. This value can be random too based on another referenced Generator's value. The index starts from 0. In order to read the value from last, use the negative index value.

  • ignoreBound* - Defines whether to ignore the out-of-bound exception for the cases where the list's size is less than the index.

Sample Output