The Domain Attributes Pane is located on the left side of the Domain Dashboard. It can be used to view and manage a selected Domain's Attributes. 

Note: For more information on managing Domain Attributes, click here.

Domain Attributes Pane - Icons and Buttons

The following icons and buttons can be found within the Domain Attributes Pane: 



This drop-down menu titled "Set 1: 1/# of #" can be used to view additional Domain Attributes when a large number exists for a Domain.

If a Domain has more than 15 Attributes, the attributes will be subset into groups of 15. For more information, click here.

The New Attribute button can be used to add a new Attribute to a Domain.

Note: For more information, click here.

The Rearrange Attributes button opens the Rearrange Attributes dialog window, which can be used to change the order of Attributes within a selected Domain. 

An Attribute can only reference the Attributes above it unless it has been defined as a Global Attribute.
Note: For more information, click here.

The Browse and Manage Attributes icon can be used to perform the following actions:
  • View Generators in Use by Attributes
  • Assign a different Generator to Attributes
  • Modify Generator Parameters for Attributes

The Show Generators icon can be used to view what Generators are currently assigned to a Domain Attribute.

The Show References icon can be used to view references of a Domain Attribute.

The Trash Can can be used to remove an Attribute from a Domain.