The Domain Variables Pane within the Domain Dashboard can be used to edit a Domain Variable's name or value and to create new Domain Variables. 


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Default Domain Variables

Each time a Domain is created, it is automatically assigned three default Domain Variables: 

  • - Defines the primary ID for a Domain, which represents the start range of the Id Attribute.
  • global.DomainName.loopCount - Defines the number of times a Domain's data is generated by a Scenario.
  • global.DomainName.seed - Used to make Generators that generate random data generate the same random data set for a seed value every time Scenario is being run.

The default value for each of these Domain Variables is 1. The value may be modified; however, these variables cannot be deleted from the Domain. Custom Domain Variables can be added as well. 

Note: For more information on Domain Variables, click here.

Domain Variables Pane - Icons and Buttons

The following icons and buttons can be found within the Domain Variables Pane: 



The New Variable button can be used to create a new Domain Variable. 

 The Pencil Icon can be used to edit the Name and Value of a Domain Variable. Please note that the name cannot be changed for the id, loopCount, and seed Variables.

Note: For more information on how to change the value for the id and loopCount Domain Variables, click on the links below: 

The Show Reference icon can be used to see where a Domain Variable has been referenced.