The Domain Receivers Pane can be used to view, assign, and manage Receivers for a Domain. Here, you can perform the following actions: 

  • Assign one or multiple Receivers to the selected Domain
  • Manage each Domain Receiver's Configuration
  • Delete Receivers from the selected Domain
  • Enable or Disable Logging for the Domain

Note: For more information about available Receivers, click here.

Domain Receivers Pane - Icons and Buttons

The following icons and buttons can be found within the Domain Receivers Pane:



The New Receiver button can be used to add a new Receiver to a Domain.

Note: For more information on adding a Receiver to a Domain, click 

The Logging option can be enabled when your loopCount is greater than 10,000 records. The checkbox will have a checkmark when it is enabled.

When enabled and running a Scenario on your system, you will see logs for every 10,000 records that have been processed.

The Pencil icon can be used to edit the Name of a Domain Receiver.

The Trash Can icon can be used to remove a Receiver from a Domain.

This icon can be used to move the position of a Receiver up or down within the pane. Click on the icon and drag upward or downward to change the order of Receivers within the pane. 

The order of the Receivers determines which output format is generated first when a Scenario is run. 

The Info icon can be used to view additional information about a Domain Receiver.