The Scenario Domains Management Pane can be used to view, select, and manage Scenario Domains. It is located on the left side of the Scenario Dashboard.

Scenario Domains Management Pane - Icons and Buttons

The following icons and buttons can be found within the Scenario Domains Management Pane



The Add Domain button can be used to do the following:
  • Add an existing Domain to the Scenario. 
  • Create a new Scenario Domain. 

The Group Unlock/Lock icon can be used to lock or unlock one or more Scenario Domains at a time.

The Jump to Domain "Domain Name" button can be used to view the Domain configuration within the Domain Dashboard.

The Lock icon can be used lock or unlock a Scenario Domain.

The Show Reference icon can be used to view references of a Scenario Domain.

The Trash Can icon can be used to delete a Scenario Domain.

The Domain Attributes drop-down menu can be used to view the Attributes for a Scenario Domain.