The .genrocket subdirectory is a hidden subdirectory on a user's local machine where the GenRocket runtime will look for specific GenRocket files and resources to use when running a GenRocket Scenario. 

Path Example

  • /home/jdoe/.genrocket


Examples of Files and Resources Stored in this Subdirectory

  • A User's GenRocket Profile
  • A User's GenRocket 24-Hour Offline Certificate


How to Create the .genrocket Subdirectory

The .genrocket subdirectory is created within a user's Home Directory automatically when the genrocket command is run within a Command or Terminal Window. 


When the command is run, it will check to see if the .genrocket subdirectory exists within the user's home directory. If is not there, it will create the subdirectory automatically.

Note: If you cannot see the .genrocket subdirectory within your home directory, you may need to show hidden files and folders.