In the GenRocket web platform, three types of Variables may be created and referenced:

  • Organization Variables - Organization Variables are variables that are global to all Projects within a GenRocket Organization. They can be referenced by any Generator within an Attribute of a Domain in any Project Version of a Project. Organization Variables can also be referenced within the Self Service module. 

  • Domain Variables - Domain Variables are instance variables of a Domain. They can be referenced by any Generator within an Attribute of a Domain in the same Project Version of a given Project. This makes the Domain's variables global to other Domains. Domain Variables can also be referenced within the Self Service module.

  • Scenario Variables - Scenario Variables only apply to that Scenario and cannot be referenced outside of the Scenario.   

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Variable Referencing at the Organization Level

Organization Variables provide a way to reference a Variable at the Organization level. Organization Variables allow a value to be referenced by multiple Projects without the need to perform the same steps to configure the Variable in each Project. Users can set up a collection of Organization Variables, called a suite, with their own defined values and then reference them as needed. 

What is an Organization Variable Suite?

  • Organization Variable Suites are a collection of Organization Variables defined at the Organization level and are thereby global to all Projects within a given Organization.

  • An Organization Variable must belong to an Organization Variable Suite. A Suite can have one or many Organization Variables, each with a unique name and value.  

When Should Organization Variables Be Used?

  • Any time a constant value needs to be referenced in multiple Projects within your Organization. 

Who Can Access and Manage Organization Variables?

  • Only users assigned the Org Admin role are able to view, create, and manage Organization Variables in GenRocket. 

What Can Reference an Organization Variable?

Because Organization Variables can be referenced across all projects within your organization, changing the value of any given Organization Variable can affect many Scenarios, and the amount and type of data that is generated; therefore, only a few parameters are allowed to reference Organization Variables:  

  • Domain Global Variables
  • Project Version Variables
  • Organization Attribute Generators
  • Attribute Generators
  • Scenario Attribute Generators
  • G-Case Attributes
  • G-Rule Attributes
  • G-Query Parameters
  • Scenario Domain loopCounts

How to Access and Manage Organization Variables

In the Management menu, select Organization Variables.


How do Organization Variables Work?

  1. Create an Organization Variable Suite
  2. Create one or more Organization Variables within the Suite
  3. Reference Organization Variables where needed in GenRocket Projects

Simple Usage Example

A user wants to define three different sets of Organization Variables:

  • The 1st set will be referenced for generating small sets of data.
  • The 2nd set will be referenced for generating large sets of data.     
  • The 3rd set will be referenced for generating huge sets of data.

Each set will contain the same two Organization Variables:

  • loopCount
  • userId
  • Set 1

    • loopCount = 1000
    • userId = 1001
  • Set 2

    • loopCount = 100000
    • userId = 100001
  • Set 3

    • loopCount = 100000000
    • userId = 100000001

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