This article provides hardware and installation requirement information for setting up G-Repository Server. G-Repository Servers are created and managed by Organization Admins.

Hardware Requirements

G-Repository Server has been designed to run optimally on a Linux Server or Mac (Unix).  Its minimum suggested requirements are the following:


  • Linux Ubuntu 64 Bit OS
  • Intel or AMD 4Core CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD

Please Note: For the best performance, GenRocket recommends creating and running a G-Repository Server on Linux/Mac operating systems. A G-Repository Server on be created and run on Windows operating systems: however, in doing so, you may experience reduced performance.


Additional Requirements

The following are also required to create and run a G-Repository Server:

  • MySQL Database Server (Version 5.7 or Higher)
  • Java Runtime (Version 1.8 or Higher)
  • GenRocket Runtime (Latest Version)
  • Organization Admin User Profile from GenRocket Cloud