If you are an existing user, you will need to login using your existing account and then add quizzes. 

How to Login and add Quizzes

Note: You can access the login form by going here: or by following Step 1 below: 

Step 1: Scroll down to the bottom of the Flight Plan and click on Take the Challenge.

Step 2: Enter your Username or Email, enter a Password, and click Login.

Step 3: Click on Course Catalog to add the quiz to your profile. 

Step 4: Click on Get the course for the appropriate quiz in the list. 

Step 5: Click on a quiz name to start the quiz. 

Account Deactivated?

If you are an existing user and your account has been deactivated, you will need to reach out to support to activate your account. 

Step 1: Within the GenRocket website, expand the Resources Menu and select Support to send a request. 

Step 2: Click on Click Here underneath Submit a Ticket

Step 3: Fill out and submit the form shown below. The following information needs to be included within the Description:

  • Username

  • Email Address