This article defines the syntax to run G-Repository Client without automatically updating to G-RepositoryServer or G-Repository Cloud.

Usage Example

  1. The user generates data for a project where the Domain loopCount is '20' and 20 records are generated.
  2. The Domain loopCount is changed to '30' in the GenRocket web platform.
  3. The user runs the command with -noup, and 20 records are still generated. 

Run a G-Repository Scenario with No Updates

   Syntax: genrocket -grepo repoName -noup -grs Scenario 

Example: genrocket -grepo BankDemo -noup -grs CustomerScenario 

Run a G-Repository ScenarioChainSet With No Updates

   Syntax: genrocket -grepo repoName -noup -grscs ScenarioChainSet

Example: genrocket -grepo BankDemo -noup -grscs BankDemoChainSet

Run a G-Repository ScenarioChain with No Updates

   Syntax: genrocket  -grepo repoName -noup -grsc ScenarioChain

Example: genrocket  -grepo BankDemo -noup -grsc AccountTablesScenarioChain  

Run a G-Repository StorySuite with No Updates

   Syntax: genrocket -grepo repoName -noup Repository -stry Story

Example: genrocket -grepo BankDemo -noup -grstryste BankAccountTablesSetup -stry PerformMediumPopulation 

Run a G-Repository StoryEpic with No Updates

   Syntax: genrocket  -grepo repoName -noup  -grstryepc StoryEpic 

Example: genrocket  -grepo BankDemo -noup -grstryepc PopulateAllForMeduimSetup