The EDITemplateReceiver uses an EDI document as a template and then creates one or more EDI documents by replacing the sensitive data with synthetically generated data at the positions configured in the Receiver.

The LoopCount of the Domain should be the number obtained by multiplying the number of EDI documents required to be generated with the number of rows required to synthetically replace data in 1 EDI document. For example, if 1 EDI document consumes 20 rows of the Domain, and 10 documents need to be created, then the loop count should be 200.

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Receiver Parameters

The EDITemplateReceiver requires the following parameters to be configured. The * means that a particular Receiver parameter is required to be filled in.

  • outputDirectory* - Defines the location to store the synthetically generated EDI documents.
  • outputSubDir - Defines the sub-directory within the output directory to store the generated EDI documents.
  • outputFileNamePrefix* - Defines the prefix of the output EDI Document name.
  • templateDirectory* - Defines the location of the EDI Template Document.
  • templateSubDir - Defines the sub-directory within the EDI Template Directory where the EDI Template document will be placed.
  • templateFileName* -  Defines the name of the EDI Template document.
  • numberOfDocuments* - Define the number of EDI documents to create. 
  • dataSeparator* - Defines the data separator in the EDI document.
  • subDataSeparator* - Defines the sub-element separator within the EDI document.
  • repeatSeparator* - Defines the repeat separator used in the EDI template document.
  • segmentSeparator* -  Defines the Segment separator used in the EDI template document.

Receiver Property Keys

The EDITemplateReceiver requires the following Receiver Property Keys to be configured.

  • segmentName - Defines the name of the segment in which the data element needs to be replaced with synthetically generated data.
  • elementPosition - Defines the position of the Data element in the given segment where the value is to be replaced with the synthetically generated values. The element position starts with 0.
  • parentSegment - This field is optional. This is required only when you want to mask a segment that has to be masked for a particular parent. (N3 segment for Billing Provider only (NM1*85)).

Example 1 - To replace the GENROCKET HEALTH in the following segment


segmentName = NM1

elementPosition = 3

Example 2 - To replace the 123 W 7TH STREET in the following segment (for billing Provider only)


N3*123 W 7TH STREET~

segmentName = N3

elementPosition = 1

parentSegment = NM1*85