Top New Features and Enhancements for July

Selective Test Data Case (G-Case) Download

The Selective Test Data Case Download feature may be used to select one or more G-Cases within a G-Case Category and download only the selected G-Cases rather than downloading the entire G-Case Suite.

Click on the Download (Cloud) icon for a G-Case Category.

Select each G-Case, enter an optional G-Case Suite name, and click the Download button. For more information, click here.

XTS Wizard Form and Performance Enhancements

XTS Wizard fixes and enhancements made for improved performance and usability.  

Organization Attributes Enhancement

Reference Icon has been added within the Organization Attributes Table to show Organization Attribute references across different Projects within an Organization. 

Dialog window for Organization Attribute References: 

G-Repository Enhancements (Proxy Support and Additional Commands)

Proxy support and additional command lines are available for G- Repository: 

  • grcltr - Show a list of G-Repository Clients on the user's local computer.
  • noup - This command should be used when a user does not want any updates while a cenario runs from G-Repository Client.

New EDITemplateReceiver

The EDITemplateReceiver uses an EDI Document as a template and then creates one or more EDI Documents by replacing the sensitive data with synthetically generated data at the position configured within the Receiver. For more information, click here.


To replace the GENROCKET HEALTH in the following segment:


  • segmentName = NM1
  • elementPosition = 3

H2InsertV2Receiver Enhancement

sharedConnection Parameter has been added to the H2InsertV2Receiver. It provides an option to share the database connection, which is helpful within the Partition Engine where each instance will require a separate connection. 

ImageTemplateReceiver Enhancement

Additional Receiver Property Keys have been added to the ImageTemplateReceiver to allow references to the Domain's Attributes that make the Receiver more powerful.

NumberToWordsGen Generator Enhancement

The NumberToWordsGen Generator has three new Generator Parameters for increased flexibility: wordStyle, remainderWord, and caseType.