The BigQueryReceiver uses the BigQuery APIs to make requests to the BigQuery system to populate the data. This Receiver passes the generated data in the payload of request in JSON format. The BigQuery API request requires authorization; therefore, BigQueryReceiver needs a property file with information that helps authorize.

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Receiver Parameters

The following parameters can be defined for the RealtimeTestReceiver. Items with an asterisk (*) are required.  

  • projectName*- Defines the name of the BigQuery Project.
  • dataSetName*- Defines the name of the Dataset within the Project.
  • tableName* - Defines the table name that needs to be populated with data within the dataset of the Project.
  • configPath* - Defines the location of the configuration file, which contains properties that provide the BigQuery authorization information.
  • configSubDir* - Defines the name of the subdirectory with configPath where the configuration file exists.
  • configName* - Defines the name of the configuration file.
  • responseOutput*- Defines where we want to see the response output. 
    • appendFile, singlefile, noFile
  • responsePath* - Defines the location where the response file will be saved.
  • responseName* - Defines the name of the response file.
  • logRequestCount* - Defines the number of requests that are executed before logging a message to the console.
  • batchCount - Defines the number of requests that will be batched together and sent simultaneously.

Receiver Attributes Property Keys

Each Domain Attribute will have defined the following property keys

  • columnName - Enables the user to define a different name for the Attribute.
  • include- Defines if the value of the Attribute should be added to the output or not.

Configuration File

The BigQueryReceiver must read from a configuration file to read the properties required for Authorization.

The format of the configuration file is as follows: