Top Features for September and October 2021

Parquet Dependencies Upgrade

It is now possible to generate complex nested Parquet file structures. Earlier versions did not have this support. For more information about creating nested Parquet files, click here

GenRocket Runtime Dockerization for Executing Scenarios

A container can be created using a container platform (e.g., Docker). Docker is like a Virtual machine that manages the GenRocket Runtime within containers. 

Docker packages up the GenRocket Runtime with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and ships it in one contained package. End-users can use the contained package to generate test data using GenRocket Runtime. For more information, click here

Excel Support Added to the G-Queries Platform

An Excel List query type has been added to the G-Queries Platform. This query type can be used to query a specified sheet within an Excel file on the user's local machine and blend the queried data with synthetically generated data. For more information, click here.

Domain Attributes can be Copied to the Organization Attribute Level

Users can now copy Attributes at the Domain level to the Organization Attribute level. The copied Attribute will become an Organization Attribute.

Within the Attribute Dashboard, expand the Copy Menu and select Copy to an Organization Attribute. For more information, click here.

Password Info Icon added to New User Screen

A Password Info icon has been added to the New User Screen to inform users of the password rules. This screen appears when adding a new user to an organization.

G-Graphics Enhancement for Organization Attribute Navigation

Additional nodes have been added to allow users to navigate to Domain Attributes accessing Organization Attributes.  For more information about G-Graphics, click here.

G-Subset is now referred to as G-Migration+

G-Subset is now referred to as G-Migration+ within the web application.

Five New Excel Query Generators

Five new Excel Query Generators have been added to support the reading of data from Excel files. To see a complete list of available Query Generators, click here

  • ExcelToMapGen
  • ExcelFromMapGen
  • ListExcelGen
  • MapExcelGen
  • MapExcelChildGen

ExcelToMapGen Generator

The ExcelToMapGen Generator reads data from one or more columns within an Excel file.

ExcelFromMapGen Generator

The ExcelFromMapGen Generator reads the value of a particular column by Column Name from the result of the ExcelToMapGen.

ListExcelGen Generator

The ListExcelGen Generator loads its list from the column data within an Excel file.

MapExcelGen Generator

The MapExcelGen Generator reads data from an Excel spreadsheet and returns the first matched value ´╗┐from the column provided in the valueColumn Parameter.

MapExcelChildGen Generator

The MapExcelChildGen Generator reads data from an Excel spreadsheet and creates the Map again on every Child Domain iteration. It returns the matched value from the column provided in the valueColumn Parameter. 

New USCityZipCodeMapGen Generator

The USCityZipCodeMapGen Generator generates US cities and zip codes by mapping with the USCityGen and USCityPostCodeGen Generators. This Generator can be used to map the US state to the city and zip code.

New SQLFileUpdateReceiver

The SQLFileUpdateReceiver creates a file with standard ANSI SQL update statements. For more information, click here. 

The update statement is defined on the Receiver's Data tab. Attributes whose values will be used in the update statement are assigned a variable from var1 to var20. 

SwedenAddressGen Generator Enhancement

The SwedenAddressGen Generator is now able to generate Swedish street names. To do so, select the Swedish option within the streetNames Parameter