G-Delta will automatically prepare an audit report of all the changes it finds in the base Database Schema against the state of a Project Version within a given Project.

An Organization Admin can review the audit report and execute the refactoring process, putting the Project Version in sync with the database.

This article will show how to review an Audit Report and accept or reject the Audit Report within the web platform. 

In This Article

Sample Story

For this example, the following changes have been made to the base Database Schema for a G-Delta:

  • A new Address table has been added.
  • The age column has been renamed to reward in the User table.

For these changes, three G-Delta recommended actions are part of the prepared Audit Report:

  • Add an Address Domain
  • Delete the age Attribute
  • Add the reward Attribute

Note: If the recommended action needs to be modified (overridden), the desired action will need to be selected from the drop-down menu. Please note that the available actions within the drop-down menu will vary depending on the detected change. 

The user who created the G-Delta will receive an email when an Audit Report is available. Click on Click Here within the email to access the Audit Report. If not logged in, the user will be prompted to log in.

Step 2: Select the G-Delta

Click on a G-Delta within the G-Delta Management Dashboard to select it and view available Audit Reports. The chosen G-Delta will be highlighted in blue.

Step 3: Select the Audit Report

Click on an Audit Report within the G-Delta Audit Summary Pane to select it and view the suggested actions based on the detected changes. The chosen Audit Report will be highlighted in blue. 

Step 4: Modify, Accept or Reject each Recommended Action

One or more suggested actions will be included within the Audit Report based on the detected changes. For each G-Delta recommended action, a user can take one of the following actions: 

  • Modify (Wrench Icon)- Modify or override the action for the Audit item(e.g., Add Domain, Delete Parent, etc.)
  • Accept (Thumbs Up Icon)- Accept the recommended action for the Audit item.
  • Reject (Thumbs Down Icon) - Reject the recommended action for the Audit item.

The Accept Remaining and Reject Remaining buttons can be used to accept or reject all remaining G-Delta recommended actions within the selected Audit Report.

G-Delta Recommendation 1 - Add Address Domain

The first recommendation will be accepted. This is done by clicking on the Thumbs Up icon within the Actions Column. Once accepted, all other icons in the Actions Column for the recommended action will be grayed out. 

G-Delta Recommendation 2 - Delete Age Attribute from User Domain

The second recommendation will be modified since the Attribute (i.e., Table Column) was renamed. Click on the Wrench icon within the Actions Column.

Select an Action from the Select an Action drop-down menu. For this example, Change Attribute Name has been chosen.

Select a Value from the Value drop-down menu. For this example, reward has been chosen. Then click the Save button.

G-Delta Recommendation 3 - Add Reward Attribute from User Domain

The third recommendation will automatically be rejected based on the selections made for the age Attribute (G-Delta Recommended Action 2). 

Step 5: Accept or Reject the Audit Report

The Audit Report will need to be accepted or rejected to finish this process. This will need to be done in the G-Delta Audit Summary Pane

Use the Refactor (Thumbs Up) icon to accept the Audit Report or the Reject All (Thumbs Down) icon to reject the Audit Report. 

For this example, the Audit Report will be accepted. Accepting the Audit Report will execute the refactoring process to sync the Project Version with the database. If it is rejected, refactoring will not occur.

Click Yes to confirm after clicking on the icon for accepting or rejecting the Audit Report. 

Completed Story

The Project Version will now have an Address Domain.

The User Domain within the Project Version will now have a Domain titled "reward."