G-Repository Feature Components

These GenRocket components make up the set of G-Repository components:

  • GenRocket Cloud Scenario/Config Download Service (GSDS) - Responsible for downloading all GenRocket components
  • GenRocket Cloud Stats Upload Service (GSUS) - Responsible for uploading statistics after each Scenario run
  • GenRocket Cloud Licensing Service (GLCS) - Responsible for checking that user profile is valid and enabled before running a Scenario
  • G-Repository Server (GRS) - Responsible for managing GenRocket repositories within the corporate environment
  • G-Repository Client (GRC) -  Responsible for managing GenRocket repositories on a User's computer or test server 

Components Managed by G-Repository

Top Level GenRocket Components

  • Projects, Project Versions, Domains, Attributes, Generators, Receivers

Scenario Level Components

  • Scenarios, ScenarioChains, ScenarioChainSets

Self-Server Components

  • G-Cases, G-Rules, G-Queries, G-Stories, G-Story Epics

Complex Receiver Configurators

  • SQL Receivers, Merge Receivers, Partition Receivers, Web Service Receivers, EDI Receivers

Feature Level Components 

  • GMUS*, G-Migration+*, G-Partition*, G-Delta*

*Component that will be configured to use G-Repository in upcoming releases