Jar File Release Notes - November 2021

Release Date

Updated Jar Files

Updates and Fixes

November 1, 2021
GenRocket Runtime (3.5.28)The following updates were made for this release:

New Features:
  • New G-Delta Feature
  • Added Configuration Management for SWIFTSegmentMerge Receiver
  • Added parentSegment Receiver Property Key to EDI Template Receiver
  • Added Line Separator to Control Lines in the Fixed File Merge Receiver
  • Sibling Attribute reference generator initialization in Partition Engine


  • G-Migration+ Enhancement - Migrate Tables with no Primary Keys and Composite Keys
  • Optimize Segment Partition Receiver

Bug Fixes:

  • Australian Generators - Minor Bug Fixes
  • UI Update for G-Graphics Organization Attribute Node - Organization Attribute Sets changed to Organization Attribute Suites

November 16, 2021Genrocket Runtime ( following updates were made for this release:
  • Added removeOnDisable Parameter to FileMaskMultiBlock Receiver
November 26, 2021GenRocket RuntimeThe following updates were made for this release:

New Features:
  • GenRocket Deletion Policy
  • Added Icon to Recognize Primary Key Attributes
  • New English/Chinese Parameter to all Chinese Generators
  • Dynamic File and Dynamic Config Tabs have been added to ParquetSegmentMergeReceiver and ParquetSegmentMergeV2Receiver
  • LoopSetGen Generator
  • USStateCapitalLatitudeGen Generator
  • USStateCapitalLongitudeGen Generator
  • Allow Subset of Domains to be copied from one Project to Another


  • G-Delta improvement for more than one G-Repository Server
  • Australian Generator Parameter Changes
  • BulgariaBankAccountGen Generator Ouput Format Fix
  • Dynamic Config enabled for EDISegmentMergeReceiver

Bug Fixes:

  • SWIFT Config Validation Issue Fixes
  • Fixed issue where DelimitedFileReceiver is adding data in same line when includeHeader is "false" and appendToFile is "true".
  • Added ignoreLineSeparator Parameter in Fixed File Configuration for the Segment
  • XTS - Minor Fixes for import with one table and empty file import
  • Error logJ4 Proxy Logging Error
  • EDI G-Case Speed Improvements